Digital Baila Marketplace

About us

Spark+ Technologies is a Goan Startup established in March 2018 in Goa. The company philosophy is to think local and act global. Under this vision the company has launched various products, initiatives and providing quality services.

Since the beginning of spark+ have started developing local innovations by leveraging local talent. One of the early innovation is - Digital Baila - Jointly developed with SHG Siolim.

A pilot platform launched in Feb 2019.  The goal was to  Eliminate the entire manual paper activities &  and make SHG operation online -  Allow Talent, products, and services to  be available online & Get instant access to the reports, scheme, training, seminars, And many more.. We have close to 500 members today. We also provide training for woman - including basic computer operation, digital marketing, housekeeping, or customize training based on  SHG's need.

The online platform Forgoashop  provide an online avenue for Goans with creative talents to sell their arts, crafts, products, and services locally and globally. Empower women, and others who can earn a living from their home while producing items that are made in Goa by Goans. We have developed a pilot for few SHG members – that has started this initiative, and can be enhanced. Currently we are reaching out to businesses and individuals to get them onboard. As you all know major challenge we faced during lockdown is about not having businesses online and absence of local supply chain. Post covid, all impacted individuals or businesses who does not have technology presence, can benefit from this by taking their business online.